white cutout dress

Latest Fashion News & Ideas: Ways to Wear White Cutout Dress This Summer

Brighten your summer with pieces of white from your wardrobe. It is always a must to wear white cutout dress during this season; it helps stand the hot weather, it shows your tan better, your makeup looks much more attractive, and you can never be out of style with white! It is a fresh color, especially when you wear it in full, as in from head to toe. You can also choose to include one or two white items; it is up to your taste.

Take white to new heights in your outfits this summer with these latest fashion news, tips and trends…

White Skirt: Put away your pencil skirt in favor of a skirt that is full and white. Pair it with a skinny neutral belt and loose tank blouse.

White Cutout Dress: Wear white cutout dress with high heels in to look formal, elegant and match the summer’s latest fashion trend.

White Jeans with ivory shirt: The ivory shirt will stand out next to white jeans. They are perfect for a fancy and chic off-duty look.

White loose pants with a buttoned shirt: They come with a laid-back vibe, perfect for any journey you have during the day.

Monochrome Ensemble: Mix different colors of white in one outfit, like a creamy blouse with really white jeans and sneakers. You don’t need to be a bride or going to the beach to get all white.

Lady-like shoes: It is absolutely gorgeous to wear these shoes with dresses in the same white color. A cocktail frock will give you a sweet look.

Tailored white pieces with contrasting accents: A white shirt with black buttons, a black belt and black shoes, next to white pants… This trending fashion style makes an awesome combination.

Layers of white: Don’t think it’s too much to wear all white, from head to toe. Choose white hair accessories, shoes, bag, shirt and skirt. Wow!

Long Evening Dresses: Just as simple as that! You don’t need to be over accessorized to look elegant at night. Choose a long white dress stripped of extras.

Sheer and see-through: It’s a yes. Whether you are wearing shorts, a dress, a skirt… choose them with sheer that fits all styles.

Add Metallic: Turn a casual outfit into something party worthy with shades of metallic. Silver and white are perfect together.

Fur collars

Fashionable Ways to Wear Real Fur Collars in Different Ways

Fur collars are some of the most stylish and fun trends that you should rock this coming winter. They are not only super stylish but also cozy, warm and great at conjuring a luxurious style even for the everyday girl. Most people wear their collars as a statement accessory, but that should not be the case because fur can instantly transform any outfit into a posh outfit with a playful edge. Whether you like modern trendy fashion or you are more at home with a classic 1950s look, this will speak to your fashion sense at a more personal level than any other accessory.

These have no boundaries when it comes to adding a twist to your outfit. In fact, you can wear your real fur collars in so many ways and still remain fashionable. If you really love fur, then here are a number of times on how to wear your fur collars fashionable.

This can be worn on any occasion. Most people treat this as statement pieces for special occasions. The truth is that it can be matched with many things and this makes them perfect for everyday use. If you want to add some flavor to your everyday fashion then you should start thinking of creative ways to wear your fur collars. Consider matching it with your casual outfits for a glamorous feel especially when going out for a night date.

Although these collars are known to go with almost anything, it is always important to match them with your dress for an elegant look. Natural colors do great for classic jackets and coats. You may also consider buying full skin collars which will help in matching as you really don’t have to struggle with the collar alone. Some modern waterproof leather jackets have buttons for attaching this which make it really easy for you to match your outfits and achieve your desired look.

Wearing your this collar over your old coats and jackets will help bring them to life and add a classic touch to your outfit. If you have an autumn jacket then this collar will easily transform it into a stylish classical outfit. Some people love using scarfs on cold days. If you want to be trendy and stylish during such climates consider swapping your scarf for a fur collar. This collar will keep you warmer and add some sense of luxury to your outfit.

To avoid looking overdressed check how you use this collar pieces to suit your style. In fact, it is always recommended that you add this collar sparingly. For example adding a fur collar to a fur coat is likely to add a lot of bulk to your body figure and this may make you look like you have a costume on as opposed to a stylish winter outfit. Fur collars look best when juxtaposed with other textures such as cozy knits, leather jackets, and classic wool coats among others.

If you are conducting your wedding during the cold months, then you should consider having a fur collar over your wedding dress to help keep you warm during the cold. Some people use a fur stole, but a fur collar can add a sense of style on your big day by transforming your wedding dress to match the theme of your big day. You can match colors or even use different colors to add some texture and create some form of contrast on your big day.

Matching colors of your hair and your fur collar plays a major role in how fashionable you become. For example, black fur collars will be perfect for the blondes while white is perfect for people with black, red or brown hair. Color matching is also great with your other outfit. Natural colors outfit best matches with this collars although experimentation is always perfect especially when you feel like trying something new. When wearing your fur collars to official functions be careful to match them with a natural color outfit and pick the best color that matches your hair.

These are great accessories that complete and make your outfit glam. They are very versatile allowing you to wear them with any outfit to help you remain warm while looking stylish at the same time.

Kids Fashion

Keeping Up With Kids Fashion Made Easy

Keeping Up With Kids Fashion Made Easy

Parents always want their kids to look presentable and feel comfortable. Lots of parents also follow the latest kids fashion trends while buying clothes and choosing accessories for their kids while keeping in mind quality and comfort. If you are one of them you have come to the right place.

Comfort is the first consideration while a parent looks for children’s clothes the first time. For keeping your toddlers’ and kids’ look simple and cool go for all-weather essentials with good quality, comfortable fabrics for the delicate skin of your little ones such as best fabric party wear frocks and dresses for kids online or sample a couple of casual long frocks and dresses for kids. Or choose from such top brands as Cucumber, Chicco, Mom&Me and baby care products from Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya and more.

As kids grow up with constant exposure to television, print and other media along with their growing say in the choice of buying their clothes, having easy access to multiple styles, colors and prints that excite them is a great way to get their full cooperation to dress up. You can choose from animal and cartoon prints, bright and happy colors such as fancy frocks for kids online from the house of Aarika, Disney, Lilliput, Gini & Jony, U.S.Polo Assn and many more to bring a smile on your kid’s face.

In their early growing years it is crucial for kids to engage in physical exercise to aid in their growth and what’s an easier way to inculcate this habit in them than to let them indulge in their natural desire to play and frolic around. Keeping this in mind you can choose for your active little athletes, comfortable, sporty and casual clothes and bags from such leading brands as Nike, Lee Cooper, Levi’s, Adidas, Reebok and more.

Who doesn’t know that kids are always super excited about the upcoming birthday party of a friend or festive season ahead? Your kids will likely wish you to refresh their wardrobe. These days you can choose from a large collection of occasion-ready dresses for girls from their favorite brands – Barbie and Aarika along with ethnic clothing as well that set them apart at a wedding party or a religious function. Or go for some gorgeous designer party-wear frocks and dresses for kids and toddlers.

After wearing their favorite dresses Kids also feel, as we all do, that something is still missing. Everyone knows that no look, be it that for a wedding ceremony or the weekly picnic trip, is complete without the right accessories to go. For that reason you can choose from a ready collection of kids’ shoes, watches, handbags etc from the house of Campus, Bata, Fastrack, Hello Kitty and more.

Choose your kids’ clothes, footwear, accessories and personal care products for any size, any season, any occasion and look for cheapest frocks and Kids Fashion online and shop securely. Happy Shopping!

Coach Handbags

Show Your Fashionable Side With Coach Handbags

Show Your Fashionable Side With Coach Handbags

Our love for handbags can never be diminished. They are one of the most important parts of our wardrobes and we spend the same amount of time in buying them as we do with our apparels or any other section. Yes they are very popular amongst women but over the years men have increased their contribution in the handbag industry. With growing fashion conscious, men are no behind women in this aspect and that is why men handbag range is also now diverse with a lot of options to choose from. There are a lot of styles which vary according to the occasion you are headed to. The world of handbags is an enticing place to indulge in with a lot of exciting options. While the male handbags focus more on sophistication & minimalism with a few exceptions, women handbags may feature poppy colors, bright & bold prints or embellishments to make them even more attractive and feminine. All in all, this particular section is my favorite and I so cannot resist myself from buying them. If you see my wardrobe, it is full with these little wonders and I like experimenting with them. I also believe that one should buy only a designer handbag because of a lot of reasons. One reason being the superior quality and the others like, unique designs, high durability, brand value, etc.

These designer brands offer you supreme quality so that your product will last a good amount of time. Investing your money in them provides a good value of money and therefore their high prices are justifiable. While some luxury brands are way too expensive, others are still accessible. They fall within an accessible price range and are not heavy on the pocket. One such label that you can consider while doing your handbag shopping spree is Coach. The American luxury label is a very popular brand among both men and women. Not only handbags but other categories like apparels, footwear and accessories are equally popular and alluring. Sophistication, elegance and timeless styles are the attributes that one can assign to its collection. Just one look and you will be a fan of it. The range of Coach Handbags employs solid colors, floral prints, logo print, fur detailing, color block pattern, embellishments, studs etc. The latest in trend styles blended along with class can be found in this category. With so many options, it is possible to get confused. The price range of these beauties lies within the affordable range and you can easily get the shoulder bags between 11k -12k.

The styles available are; backpacks, briefcase bags, clutches, cross bodies, hobos, messengers, satchels, shoulder bags, totes, wallets & wristlets. While the briefcases and messengers are best suited for formal occasions, clutches & evening bags can be carried to parties or a special occasion. Satchels and totes are more of a daily option that you can carry to work or when hanging out with your girls. Be it any style, the bags are super roomy and functional along with being stylish. The iconic ones featuring logo print all over are one of the most sought after designs which are extremely popular and a signature style of the company. If you are looking to buy Coach Handbags, then you can check out various online websites for great deals on them.

pakistani suits

Pakistani Suits Styles That Are Trending The Most

Pakistani Suits Styles That Are Trending The Most

Once again the craze of wearing salwar suits is back in fashion and girls have started returning to it one more time! The arrival of new unconventional designs and stylish patterns in the fashion industry has given a great makeover to the collection lying in a woman’ closet today. You don’t have to wear the old- fashioned and outdated traditional patterns of suits any more now! With continuous fashion changes taking place every now and then, the look of this ethnic outfit is getting better and better to meet the high end fashion needs of today’s women! The easy online availability of suits in various fabrics, colours, designs, brands and styles has added up to their popularity. Given below are the two best selling suit types that are presently in the top demand:-

1. Straight Suit

The crisp straight drop of a long kameez and a suitable salwar is what exactly captures the best picture of a straight salwar suit! The fan following of this style is increasing day- by- day due to its sheer elegance and grace. Straight suits give the wearer a slimmer and taller illusion due to its straight long fall.

Following are the different bottom options that will embellish the beauty of your straight suits:-

a. Palazzo

The wide flare of palazzos make them the most comfortable of all the bottoms that can be paired up with straight kameez! This combination is being very widely worn by women these days.

b. Pants

Crisp fitted pants serve a great option to complete the look of your pretty straight suit. These pants give a wrinkle-free straight fit like your western pants and don’t leave any room for visible creases or wrinkles unlike churidars or leggings.

c. Leggings

Leggings are a great option for the women, who are uncomfortable with the strict fit of churidars and are much more comfortable than the regular churidar that women get stitched.

d. Churidar

Churidar salwars are best for women that love to combine the wrinkles and creases of churidar with the straight kameez they wear.

2. Pakistani Suit

The straight suit fashion that we are enjoying today, is a style that has already been a popular trend of Pakistan. Pakistani suits comprises of a variety of kameej ranging from straight to high slits that are worn with different types of bottoms. These beautiful combinations make Pakistani suits unique in them.

Have a look at the beautiful range of bottoms that sparks up the charm of Pakistani suits:-

a. Palazzo

Without palazzos, the meaning of Pakistani suits is totally incomplete. These are an indispensable part of the Pakistani culture and dressing!

b. Bell Bottom Salwar

Like bell bottom pants, there are even bell bottom salwars available that can be included in formation of the best Pakistani suit look! You must try wearing it once!

c. Sharara

Sharara, which gives a gorgeous illusion of a flared skirt is very much liked by the women and is an essential part of Pakistani suits that are meant for casual and wedding purpose.

Fashion Trends

10 Must Know Fashion Trends for 2017

10 Must Know Fashion Trends for 2017

2016 was a year of retro with 90s chokers, flared jeans from the 70s, and statement jackets that took us back to the 60s. If you thought that the New Year would mark the end of new takes on the old, think again, because some of that retro feel of 2016 will live on in 2017 with a particular nod in the direction of the 80s. So, while each season will bring its own new trends, it’s always good to know in advance what might be trending over the next twelve months. Here are some top tips on what the fashion experts are predicting you can expect the big fashion trends of 2017 to be.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes are making a big come back and this year it’s likely to be a case of the chunkier the better. Whether they are full-blown platform shoes and sandals or chunky looking heels, high riser footwear is likely to be prominent throughout 2017.

Bell Sleeves

There will be a definite hint of the 80s with big sleeves, like bell sleeves, bishop sleeves and mutton sleeves. They are likely to appear on everything from evening wear to casual wear and sleeves with ornate details and ruffles will be popular too.

Patches and pins

Tiny accessories that can be used on everything from jackets, purses were big in 2016, but they look like they’re here to stay for a while yet, so don’t go putting your multi-patch jackets to back of the wardrobe just yet.

Blush colors

Pinks and other pastel colors are featured heavily in the coming season too. Pastels are perfect for spring, but in 2017 they are likely to be hanging around later in the year than that in the form of blush colored skirts and shorts.


Many people are predicting that khaki will be the number one neutral color to wear in 2017 for everything from accessories to coats. Khaki, it seems, will be the new black and white in 2017.


In another throwback to the 80s, expect to find ruffled edges on sleeves, collars and on the hems of trouser and skirts. While not as extreme as the ruffles of the New Romantics of the 1980s, ruffles are expected to make a comeback this year.

Political statements

The US presidential election may be over, but the politics are just beginning! Tee shirts with big and bold political statements are what you are likely to be wearing with your jeans in 2017.

High necklines

Necklines will be creeping back up in 2017. From dresses to shirts, you are likely to find that in the next twelve months, necklines just keep on getting higher and higher.

Bohemian dresses

The summer / spring season looks like it will be the season of bohemian style dresses, so expect lots of tiered layers, embroidered details and plenty of bared shoulder silhouettes.


Velvet, in all colors, is being predicted to be big in 2017 and beyond. Whether it’s on dresses, jackets, coats, or footwear; velvet is going to be absolutely everywhere in the foreseeable future.

10 Must Know Fashion Trends for 2017

summer wedges

Top 5 Trends for Women’s Summer Wedges

Looking to invest in a perfect pair (or two!) of cute and trendy summer wedges? Here’s a helpful guide to aid you on your shoe shopping journey. Check out these top five trends for women’s wedges, and find the look that’s right for you!

    • Metallics
      It’s no secret that metallic tones are in for this season. Gold, copper and pewter shades are popping up all over in the fashion footwear industry, and women’s wedges are no exception. These versatile metallic colors capture the light in an amazing way to give a shine and sheen to your shoes, making them absolutely perfect for summer style! And not to mention, they will pair well with everything in your closet, from a cute and sassy sundress to a casual pair of jeans.
    • Platforms
      Looking to push the limits and elevate your style even more? Consider another great summer trend, and strap on a pair of platform wedges. If you’re all about adding as much height as possible to your look, platform wedges may be the way to go! Wedges like these are great for summer parties like family barbeques or graduation celebrations, because they can give a dramatic boost to your height without leaving you in pain all throughout the evening. One of the most popular styles, Bushnell, are surprisingly comfortable wedges, with stretchy slingback straps to ensure a proper fit, and a sloped footbed to cradle your feet in comfort.
    • Thongs
      If you’re planning on spending your summers with friends at the pool or at an outdoor barbeque, then you’ll probably be looking for a nice, casual pair of sandals to wear. And if thong sandals are your summer go-to, why not consider their wedged variant? Sandal wedges are a great way to dress up a summer look, adding height and fashion to an already classic seasonal style. Slip-on platform wedges can give a nice bit of height, while buckle-up sandal wedges like the Excursion pair perfectly with casual outdoor attire, like a pair of cut-off shorts and a lightweight t-shirt.
    • Sporty Style
      With athleisure becoming a big trend in recent years, sporty chic styles have been making a huge comeback in the footwear industry. The great thing about sporty shoes is their comfort features. They’re truly made for walking! And if the sporty style is your thing, consider summer wedges that have these same comfort features. Look for styles with a lower wedge, easy adjustable straps, and rubber soles that provide traction.
  • Metal Details
    Do you like wearing shoes with a little bit of personality? If so, make sure you don’t neglect the little details that make up your next pair of summer wedges. This season, metal elements and ornamentation such as grommets, buckles, and studs are all the rage. Little details like these can add an edgy, on-trend look to your footwear.
Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry – The Assets That Express the Woman You Are

Jewelry has been in the world since the wake of civilization. Men and women both have indulged in this luxury to add to the beauty of their being. With time, every phase in jewelry designing went through various changes. Though pearls, stones and shells were used by early men to make jewelry, with the discovery of metals, finer metallic jewelry started their journey. Gold, silver, platinum or diamonds are the precious material with which jewelry had been and is being made by designers throughout the globe.With the inception of fashion jewelry, the semi-precious and economical materials came back in the field of making jewelry. Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful. Jewelry makes women beautiful when chosen the right way. It is very wrong to assume that the precious metals could only give sophisticated look. Beads and brass jewelry have been embraced by modern women to make themselves look bolder yet more beautiful.

Whether bold beaded jewelry or shimmering metallic ones, one should always choose what suits her best. It is not always possible to create various designs with just precious metals. Chunky and colorful jewelry is always made with semi-precious stones, beads and ceramic components. These pieces add to the beauty which is already there. In fact, statement necklaces are made with the idea to ferry in a fashion that has not yet been explored. For example, when costly heavier pieces of necklaces were in vogue, subtle chains came in to alter the fashion. Similarly, when subtle costume jewelry was trending, bold ceramic beaded necklaces are in to set the new trend.

Jewelry is always about choosing a kind of style that she wants to flaunt. Designers all over the world hence make different kinds of jewelry. Whether it is necklaces, earrings, bracelets or charms, different people have different taste. This taste is a direct reflection of one’s personality. A meek and shy woman would never choose a big designer pendant as her accessory. Similarly, a modern urban woman would never think of complementing her dress with heavy Kundan jewelry set. The choice of fashion accessories actually makes a lot of difference.

For many women, jewelry comes prior to their clothing. They choose their accessories and match their attires with the stuff they bought. Classic colors or pastel shades, the best part of wearing fashion jewelry is that they give one a lot of choices. So it does not pose difficulty in choosing their outfit later. However, it is always advisable to buy fashion jewelry from a brand or premium luxury shops. The use of cheaper material allows a lot of variety in this kind of jewelry. For example, a beaded necklace could be made of ceramic beads as well as plastic beads. Though the plastic beaded one would be way cheaper, it would give an appearance that is equally low-cost. And, if one wishes to make a statement in their gatherings, it is best to avoid cheap or low-cost products.

Jewelry is equally a big truth for men who love to present themselves at par with latest fashion. Leather wrist bands or cubic zirconia studded earrings, the modern man could also choose their kind of jewelry from a plethora of choices presented by brands and premium lifestyle product stores. Just like women, the best way to choose one’s jewelry is to choose what he adores. This not only makes one confident to carry what he wears but also makes his looks better.

Jewelry, thus, is a manner to express yourself. Choose what is best for you, because fashion is what you buy but style is how you wear it.


Rado Watches for Your Individual Personality

Rado watches always maintain a high demand in the fashion world for offering pristine timepieces for the generation. Since its inception, the brand has come up with innovations that enrich the Swiss timekeeping and extend the boundary of designing watches. The popularity of the brand led it to establish its feet across the world. There are many collections Rado has introduced to meet the changing pattern of the fashion statement. The collections like True, Centrix, HyoerChrome, Florence and many have been renowned for promoting the minimalism in a new way. These watches are designed with the best of technological support and the art of watchmaking. Rado watches prices denote the luxurious making of these watches that brings a finely crafted piece on your wrist.

Like other corners of the world, India has been making places for the brand to meet the desire of the watch lovers. The growing numbers of watch boutique prove that the buyers of the country have given thumbs up to the brand. But you need to be cautious while buying Rado watches since refurbished and fake watch corners are also there to spoil your experience. The content presents to you Rado watches’ price in India to create knowledge about the price range of the brand.


The timepiece allows you to carry your attitude wherever you go. The black appearance seems bold with the way it is designed. The 39mm black dial cheers loud for a simplistic style crafted with the fine cut of the brand. Maintaining an evenly applied stroke of art, this watch rests glamorously on the wrist of men who love a confident look over a stylistic attitude. The ceramic dial represents the brand’s reach in designing timepieces with the material. The soothing look is brilliantly presented through the thin hands and indexes. Paired with the ceramic strap and the bezel, it is your watch for a formal fashion. The price of the watch in India comes at around 127,000 rupees.


The rectangular dial watch of Rado conveys an iconic look that the men love to wear. With a gleaming appeal of the watchmaking, it expresses a touch of experienced artisans that stay timeless for your fashion. The 31mm case handsomely holds the dial in black that is designed with a detail-free look. The quarterly hour markers add a dash of glamour to the appeal and pour a life on the black surface. Having a date display window at 6 o’clock and the logo of the brand below the 12 o’clock, this automatic watch gives your dedicated look an extraordinary complement. Paired with the two-tone strap, it is a watch for your glamour. You can buy this magnificent timepiece at 146,600 in Indian rupees.


The HyperChrome watches are admired by the watch lovers across the world whole-heartedly. The collection has created a craze among watch lovers with a fascinating watchmaking and delightful designs. Each timepiece of the collection has come up with a fresh look with maintaining the true essence of the brand. This automatic watch has traces of the tennis game in its design that is unique and creative. The 45mm blue dial is detailed with the three sub dials and silver-toned hands and indexes. With a plasma high-tech Monobloc case, this watch crosses the mark of expectation successfully. The blue dial with a grey bezel and a stainless steel strap retains the handsome appeal of the brand synonymously. You can buy this watch 298,450 rupees in India.


Like men, women also fine desired watch collection in the offering of Rado watches. This Centrix piece has all the glamour and beauty today’s women love to flaunt publicly. Breaking the conventional bondage, they set a new fashion statement by revealing their attitude fearlessly. This watch elaborates the appeal of those women who present themselves with their smart and elegant attitude. The black dial rests in 28mm steel and PVD coated case, and it is gracefully brightened with the diamond hour markers revealing the glow of true beauty. Poising a perfect balance with the rose gold bezel and a two-tone strap, it is a watch for their glorifying personality. A rare combination of boldness and elegance defines the reason behind designing this watch for women. The price of the watch comes at 136,525 rupees.

It needs to be mentioned that the Rado watches’ prices given in the content are based on the Indian market. If you buy your watch from the authorised watch stores of the brand, you have to pay the similar prices. A huge difference in the price tags makes you aware that the store you step into may not be the authorised one.


The Five Best Places to Look to Keep Up With Trending Fashion

1. Celebrate fashion weeks

Besides the four fashion capitals of the world namely; Paris, Milan, London, and New York, I’m sure there is a local version of fashion week in your place where you can get a huge amount of fashion style inspirations. Quickly check online for the scheduled date of this tremendously exciting affair for fashion aficionados and take a pick among which style inspirations you would get from the various collections of different fashion designers flaunting their work on the runway.

2. Be a mall rat

If fashion weeks seem to be far-fetched, you can always go to your dependable local mall. Malls usually have shops that sell the trends. Which top sells the hottest or which clothing brands are worn by celebrities and models alike. Clothing brands usually get famous celebrities to be fashion style inspirations and you’ll surely find out how you can keep up with the latest fashion trends & tips.

3. Love media!

Print, television, and film are powerful sources of great style inspirations you can check. Posh magazines are still on the list of references where you can see what’s hot and what’s not. Magazines are also beneficial because you can just cut-out your favourite outfit, post it on your wall and explore your closet to have the same look! Allure, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Vogue are just some of the many fashion magazines you can rely on. Fashion style inspirations are also found on TV and film where you can just see what style celebrities are wearing.

4. Embrace the online fashion frenzy

You will definitely agree when I say that technology has made everything conveniently operated by the touch of a finger. All you have to do is research, browse, and pin pictures of your fashion style inspirations so you can have them on-standby when you need a glance of the latest fashion trends & tips. You can also subscribe to fashion websites to get a daily dose of fashion freshness or follow fashion designers and posh clothing brands on social media.

5. Go out and scout

Call up your friends and hit the bar, a concert, or a party and play observe. The best fashion style inspirations are sometimes the random people you see around. Chances are if it’s trendy enough, then 90% of the people are wearing it. Spot the fashionistas with your friends and don’t forget to take down notes on the latest fashion trends & tips.